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Fine lines
  • Inner Mongolia Grassland Relaxation Tour
  • Inner Mongolia Grassland - Desert Tour
  • Inner Mongolia Folklore Tour Grassland-Desert
         -Genghis khan‘s Mausoleum-Wudang Lamasery

Genghis khan’s Mauseleum

Zhao Jun’s Tomb

Ping Ting Shan

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Special Tour
  • Bicycle Tour
  • Steam Locomotive Tour
  • Horse-Riding Tour in Grassland
  • Inner Mongolia Aershan Spa Tour
  • Inner Mongolia Grassland Bird-Watching Tour
  • Being a Young Herdsman of a day (Student
         Summer Camp Tour)
  • Inner Mongolia Natural Grassland Scenery
         Photograph Tour
  • Inner Mongolia Grasland Dinosaurs Site Tour
  • Tour On Foot in Grassland
  • Grassland Seif-driving Tour
  • Inner Mongolia Engebei Ecolory Tour
  • Hulun Beire Grassland -Man-zhouli Border Tour
  • Genghis Khan’s Footprints Tour
  • Huhhot - Datong - Wutaishan - Taiyuan Tour

Xi Lin Guo Le Cao Yuan

Hu Lun Bei Er Cao Yuan